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Our Rates- Please review before contacting us!

Updated: Mar 20

We feel it is important to educate potential new clients how our rates are determined. Our goal is to establish a good working relationship with clients who appreciate the value in the excellent service we provide. Folks looking for the best deal or cheap labor will not be a good fit. The cost of doing business is expensive. From the cost of liability insurance, business legal fees, retaining highly skilled background checked technicians, website design and upkeep, accountant and book keeping fees, advertising, operations software,

replacing/maintaining tools, consumables and fueling/maintaining heavy duty service trucks, talking to potential clients, estimating and following up with clients is what makes up a good portion of our determined rates. We are not the cheapest handyman service out there and by far not the most expensive either. Somewhere fair and in the middle is where we sit for today's going rates. Most folks consider our rates reasonable for a professional handyman service and what they get in return, 5 star service from scheduling through completion! Peace of mind knowing we carry insurance. Usually the scope of work is not so straight forward and littered with many variables. This is why we estimate jobs based on experience. It is not always possible to predict every outcome however. Sometimes we feel it is fair for both parties that we charge hourly with a minimum instead of a set price. A simple 2 hour job will consume at least 1/2 of the day preparing, then traveling back and forth and prevents us from scheduling a longer job. When the scope of work changes from what was originally discussed or unforeseen work is involved the price will definitely change. Please have realistic expectations if you would like to continue working together.

If your looking for a cheap handyman service we will not be a good fit. Perhaps look into craigslist or thumbtack if you are on a tight budget. Keep in mind though, most of what you will find are working inexperienced, unreliable and uninsured folks working a side hustle which places the liability on you should something go wrong. Aside from that they are pricing themselves out of business and will most likely not be around to honor any guarantee. There are good folks out there but you have to ask yourself why they are not charging the going rate? Maybe you have a trusted family member or neighbor that can help? Either way please see our FAQ for tips on keeping the cost down if you have a restricted budget.

If you want to build a good working relationship with high quality, reliable, experienced and professional handyman service, then you have come to the right place. Let us know how we can help!

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