• RESIDENTIAL BASIC HANDYMAN SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE - $ 65 HOURLY  - 2 hour minimum and $25 trip charge

  • COMMERCIAL BASIC HANDYMAN SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE - $ 65 HOURLY  - 2 hour minimum and $50 trip charge
  • Online quotes are Free by submitting pictures and detailed description of work requested.
  • Quotes in person will be assessed a fee of $35
Above hourly rates are for labor only. Materials are extra and marked up 20%. You may provide your own materials but please be advised if you purchase the wrong materials and a technician is on site the hourly rate still applies while the correct materials are purchased. We do not guarantee materials we did not purchase. We find it's best to have the technician purchase needed materials in most circumstances for a stress free experience and guarantee. The technician is on the clock while getting necessary supplies. We recommend having additional small jobs on a punch list to take full advantage of the two hour minimum. Maybe you need filters changed, new batteries in your smoke detectors or some boxes moved to storage? No job too small!  Beyond our service area an increased trip charge will apply and determined by distance, agreed upon prior to deployment. All commercial service will include $50 trip charge minimum. Any necessary parking fees will be added to final bill. All major credit cards accepted. Credit card transactions will be assessed a 3% fee of the total invoice. Cancellation within 24 hours of confirmed appointments will be assessed $50.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Handyman Costs

Keep handyman costs down


There are several ways homeowners can help lower the cost of a job. The first is preparation, which includes cleaning and prepping the area where a handyman will be working. Move out any furniture and sweep or vacuum before your handyman arrives. If you're having multiple small tasks completed, prepare a list in advance instead of standing around discussing what needs to be done. Some jobs also offer specific ways to save money. If you're having new flooring installed, for example, you can choose to tear up and dispose of the old flooring, saving yourself several hundred dollars.

Handyman Cost Factors (from homeadvisor.com)

How much you pay your handyman will depend on several factors:


Size of a Handyman Job

The larger the job, the more time it will take to complete and the more it will generally cost. More experienced handymen can estimate how long a job will take before they start. Some handymen have certain jobs they charge a flat fee for as well. Discuss your project in detail with your handyman ahead of time to establish the price.


Small jobs

This includes relatively simple things such as replacing light switches and outlets. Replacing a broken garbage disposal is also considered a small job, as is repairing a leaky faucet, replacing a thermostat, or even hanging a picture. As a rule of thumb, if it requires simple hand tools and takes no more than 1 to 2 hours, it’s a small job.

Example: Fixing a water spout in the bathroom. The parts are there; they just need to be installed.


Medium jobs

These are a little more involved. Medium jobs can take more time and require a little extra expertise. For example, repairing drywall involves spackle, a putty knife and attaching support material if the damage is large enough. Hanging shelves can also be a medium job as shelves must be properly anchored into studs. These jobs can take between 2 and 4 hours to finish.

Example: Replacement installation for a mailbox


Large jobs

These are the most involved of handyman jobs and include wiring for a home theater, installing heating and cooling registers, wall repair or installing a kitchen sink with all of the elements. Generally, if you’re wondering if you need a handyman or a contractor for a particular job, it’s probably considered a large job. These jobs can take from 4 hours to a couple of days to finish depending on the complexity.

Example: Add locks to certain interior doors, install gate on stairway for kids and pets, and turn a cubby into a linen closet all in one visit.

  • Small Jobs

    • 1-2 hours, $77-$154 average

  • Medium Jobs

    • 2-4 hours, $154-$308 average

  • Large Jobs

    • 4+ hours, $308 on up.


Hourly Rates for a Handyman

The average hourly rate of a handyman is in the $60 to $65 price range. However, there are professional handyman services that may charge higher, sometimes up to $125 an hour. The benefit of these services, while more expensive, is a degree of assurance that the handyman is a competent professional and will provide a certain quality of work. The national average is about $77 an hour.


Handyman's Experience

Experience can be a valuable commodity. The rate will be based on their level of expertise. Experienced handymen may charge a higher rate, but take half the time to do a job than a less experienced pro.

You might think that an experienced handyman could do a job faster than an inexperienced one. However, consider that some jobs don’t take that long and most don’t involve serious complications. The $60 an hour handyman who just opened his business will probably take about the same time as the $125 an hour handyman who has 30 years in the business, and both will probably have no trouble on a small job like changing cabinetry hardware. However, a more complex job -- hanging entirely new cabinets or replacing kitchen countertops -- may benefit from an experienced handyman.


Complexity of the Job

The more complicated the job, the longer it will probably take and the more you'll pay for labor. A good handyman will be able to tell you from the start if there are aspects of the job they can't handle well. In those cases, you'll need a contractor or licensed specialist.

Simple jobs are often small jobs, but even some larger jobs can be fairly simple. Changing an interior door knob is easy and a “small” job while sanding and re-hanging an interior door is a “medium” job, yet neither is particularly complex. Removing and replacing an old toilet, on the other hand, involves heavy lifting, plumbing knowledge and cleanup. If you aren’t sure about the complexity of the job, ask the handyman you are interviewing about what’s involved.

Common Handyman Job Lengths & Prices

Here are examples of some of the more common services and how long they take:

  • Replace thermostat, hang heavy picture, repair leaking pipe, replace a torn screen – 1-2 hours

  • Drywall repair (smaller sections, not an entire room), mount shelves – 2-3 hours

  • Replace window, hang a new door (includes shims, sanding, framework adjustments), woodwork repair – 3-4 hours

  • Repair a wall, install heating and air registers, install carpet (small room) – 4+ hours

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